The ninth sign of the zodiac Sagittarius is a fun loving and optimistic sun sign. They are born travellers and getting them to stay in one place is not so easy. Quite open-minded by nature they are quite good at acquiring knowledge from different sources. Let us have a look at why this happy go lucky sun sign also proves to be the best when it comes to being a lover or friend.

1. Spontaneous- A Sagittarius would always keep you on the edge come whatever happens. When in his best mood he would be planning for a movie date or thinking about his next vacation. It is absolutely tough to find what he is going to say next but whatever it is would be absolutely wonderful.

2. The sense of humour- People born under this sun sign have a funny sense of humour. The fact that you have many comedians who are Sagittarius is a testimony to the same. Normally also if they are telling you about any of their adventures they would ensure that you have a fun time listening.

3. Curious- The Sagittarius is always living his life as a joy ride. They are extremely curious and their learning never stops at any age. Instead of being a couch potato they would rather enjoy their time in the open.

4. They want freedom- Sagittarius is fiercely independent and they do not mind being that way. So they give that amount of space to their partner as well. 

5. Intelligent- Since Sagittarius is great at learning they are quite intelligent too. You can use this ability of theirs to garner information which no one else can give.

6. Playful- When it comes to dating a Sagittarius you are going to have some real fun. They do things on the spot and your next date might just be the kind of adventure that you have hoped for. Who knows where they might take you.

7. Wanderlust- The wanderlust in a person of this sun sign never ends. So once you are together remain open to moving around to the most exotic places ever. Since you are with a Sagittarius you are never going to get bored.

8. Brutally honest to the core- However, never ask a Sagittarius about his honest opinion about something as they may just rip the truth apart. If you ask him the truth he can be quite brutal something you may not like.

9. Passionate- Not to forget that a Sagittarius can be very passionate and that makes them good as lovers too. Their charm is difficult to match and they are quite good at the seduction game too which ensures that people have to fall for them sooner or later.