Before you plan a house, you should necessarily go for Vastu aspects. A Vastu complaint house termed to have better positivity for leading a life happily. When aspects and elements of Vastu are taken care while formulating the layout of construction, it is made sure that positivity will remain in the life of the owner forever. Vastu complaint houses are more a necessities these days and it is essential to understand the basic principle of Vastu.

Vastu is a term derived from Sanskrit language and this means that earth is in underlying stratum existence. Vastu has been believed since the Vedic periods and according to Vastu, every element that exists in this universe is actually a form of energy. It is believed that every element has life and vibration which can have an equal effect.

The basic principle of Vastu:

  • Vastu while buying a plot – It is important to understand Vastu while purchasing a plot for construction of a home. As per Vastu, rectangular or a square shape plot is nice. It is often believed that a Northeast facing house can bring positivity to life.
  • Vastu while construction – While constructing a house as per Vastu norms, one must keep open spaces on all the four sides of the house. This must be higher in South & West and lower in North & East. The entrance of the house must be in Northeast, North or East.
  • Vastu of a living room – According to Vastu, there must be no obstruction in the mid of the room. This means that there must be no pillar or staircase at the mid of the room. The best living room is the one which faces East, North or Northeast.
  • Vastu of a Kitchen – An ideal kitchen as per Vastu principle must be in the North West side of the house. The Kitchen in the East direction may also be suitable.
  • Vastu of a bedroom – As per Vastu norm, the bedroom must always be in Southwest, South or West direction. The bed in the bedroom must be kept in such a way that you can sleep keeping your head towards the South. This can ensure a long life.
  • Vastu for Toilet - Normally the Bathrooms & Toilets as per Vastu norms must be in Northwest direction of the house. If they are in the West or South direction, they are also suitable. Vastu allows bathrooms to be either inside or outside the house.

It is a common saying that Vastu principles can actually bring in positivity and happiness in life. Keeping such principles in mind while constructing a house can eliminate all negativity from life and help lead a happy and prosperous life. When you wish your family to live a happy life, it is important to follow Vastu principles.