Life for everyone is not always smooth sailing. At times health issues put a halt to our future plans and we are left with no option but to wait for things to normalize. However, what happens when health issues keep cropping up on a regular basis. In such circumstances wearing an appropriate gemstone is considered the right thing to do. Here we are going to tell you which gems work the best when it comes to healing and getting rid of ailments.


This precious stone connects with all the communication points of your body and opens your body’s healing processes. Kyanite is known to bring all the chakras in alignment. In fact, it is believed that the stone is especially effective in treating throat ailments as it keeps the throat Chakra balanced. However, Kyanite needs to be carefully scrutinized before purchase else its negative impact would be too harmful to handle.


If you are among those who tend to take a lot of stress about daily work and other things the Amethyst is your savior. Having highly superior healing and calming properties the stone removes all the negative energies you are dealing with. There is a sense of balance that an amethyst provides which relaxes your mind and helps you stay at peace.


Solid grey in color Hematite was used previously as a grinding stone. Wearing or carrying one to interviews or any such occasions is helpful as it keeps the mind in control. Basically, the stone relieves the wearer of stress and helps them to keep depression and similar ailments away.


Today’s world provides enough reasons to keep a person stressed out. Wearing the Jade gemstone provides a sense of serenity to the wearer. In fact, the person is able to unleash his true potential and work hard to achieve whatever he has been aiming for.

Rose Quartz

Also known as the love stone the Rose quartz stimulates the wearer’s heart and he experiences true love in different forms. The stone is also considered useful for heart ailments and useful in case the person has faced an emotional breakdown.


Lastly, the Turquoise is a healing stone which has been put to use in the ancient times as well. It not only keeps the evil eye away but helps the person interpret his dreams. The significance of the dreams can be used for improving the quality of life and increase self-confidence.

Though gemstones have been very popular for their health benefits the choice of the wrong stone can provide a negative impact. Consult a reputed astrology service to find out which one would be the most suitable for your kind of ailment.