Numerology is based upon numeric numbers from 1 to 9, each number has its own importance positives and negatives, our lives’ many events can be predicted by this. Each number is related with one planet through which we can understand the nature and characteristic of each number. In our ancient time philosopher like Pythagoras has done many research work to know the effects of numbers upon human lives, many experiments has been done by adding these numbers with planets and relevant mantras. To know which is your mulank(main number) is very important from this you can know your lucky name, numbers and dates, It helps to know the numeric value of letters in words, names and ideas. The numbers move in a kind of wave motion. The low numbers are mild and soft, while the middle numbers 5, 7, and 7 represent the days of balanced energy and power. The final days, 8 through 10, are "too strong," so powerful as to be potentially dangerous. 

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