Gemstones are precious stones that can be carved and created into an exquisite piece of art. Later these masterpieces can be used for decoration purposes, in jewelry and for items like showpieces and watches. Considering their beauty and charm rocks like Lapis Lazuli and organic stuff like pearl and amber are being counted as gemstones too. Let us have a look at the origin stories of four popular gemstones and what makes them so unique.


With its special qualities and the fact that it is so rare to get the Burmese Ruby is definitely in demand. In fact, the pigeon blood Burmese rubies are considered to be very rare and hence they fall in the high priced category. The beauty of these rubies lies in the light they radiate when they are seen under the Sun rays and they look absolutely stunning. Even now Myanmar has many ruby mines but the quality of precious stones is falling. Since 1960 some east African countries like Madagascar and Mozambique have started yielding awesome Rubies for export purposes.


Though Opals are found all over the world not all of them can be counted in the precious stone category. High quality and precision Opals, however, are found in the Australian Outback gem mines. Overall these mines are able to contribute nearly 90% of the world’s total Opal count. Certain mines in Ethiopia have now started production of some high-quality white opals. These are popularly also known as Weloopals. On the other hand, Mexico is producing yellow opals and their magnificence keeps them in the high preference list.


The most gorgeous blue sapphires were at one time found in the valleys of Kashmir, India. The gems were exquisite and often seen as part of showpieces and in jewelry collections of museums. Sapphires originating from the Mogok region in Myanmar are also highly recommended. The American state of Montana also produces Sapphires in light blue and pink shades. Lastly, Sri Lanka has turned out to be the biggest producer of Sapphires and that too in multiple colors.


Since time immemorial Columbian emeralds have found takers thanks to the vast production and its amazing quality. These green gems have chromium inside which probably lends them their color. Apart from that, even Brazil is a good source of Emeralds. However, the gemstones there have a slight portion of Vanadium in them which means that the gems produced would have a brown tinge in them. Zambia also produces Emeralds with iron traces and shade is more of bluish green. Recently some emerald collections have been found in the Panjsheer Valley of Afghanistan too.