A Gemini is considered to be an all-rounder and it is often quite difficult for people to decipher what he would be up to next. Considered to be a little on the aloof side Gemini is a gem at heart. One of the highly misunderstood zodiac signs here are some secrets of a Gemini unraveled just for you.

A person born under the Gemini wants to stay away from conflicts as much as he can. It is quite tough for him to be a part of any controversy and the moment he says any heated exchange he would just walk away from there.

However, if you continue to target them, then they would not be left with an option to give it back. In that case, the fight can become really dirty as they sure know how to teach someone to stay in place.

The mind of a Gemini person is always on the run. They are bubbling with ideas and thoughts and they also know how to execute all their plans. It is for this quality of theirs that makes them so delightful to be with.

A Gemini is too independent and you cannot even think of controlling them. Even if you try to do so be sure they would send you out from their life and continue living their life on their own terms.

It is because of their over friendly nature that they sometimes act flirtatious. In fact, they also do not realize that they are acting flirty. It is so much a part of them that they just cannot control their urge.

Gemini cannot tolerate whiners and people who continue complaining about their life. If you continue telling them about your problems chances are they would leave your side soon.

People of this sign do not adopt a filter when talking about people and situations. So if you want an honest opinion about yourself the Gemini would be the best person to do so.

It goes without saying that a Gemini can leave your really confused at times. They are very unpredictable and can sometimes do and say things which would seem weird to an average person. They will always keep you on the edge wondering what next. A Gemini person around means lots of fun and enjoyment. They are chirpy and bubbly and would never let you feel bored at any cost. However, stay away from them when they are in one of their foul moods as then no one can stop them from being massively brutal.

Image Credit : videoblocks.com