Fiercely independent an Aquarius has an enigma of its own. In fact, it is this reason that makes people born under this sun sign so desirable. It is quite impossible to decipher what an Aquarius feels and if you are in the category of bewildered people we bring you some secrets of theirs that are well hidden.

An Aquarian would be the most open-minded person you would ever meet. They are the most unlikely people to form assumptions and take their decisions based on them. In normal situations, an Aquarian would think analytically and then only take a call on something.

Normally an Aquarian person would not get angry so soon. They try to maintain a cool demeanor and ignore things till the time it is possible. But once they get irked over something it is time for others to just run apart.

It is not easy for an Aquarian person to lie about something. So, when they are caught in a situation where they have to do it they would rather not say anything at all. Amongst so many skills they have lying is not one of them.

In case you are trying to subdue the Aquarius, he will never like it and would show you the way out before anyone else. They are generally very clear-headed and if someone tries to influence their thinking they do not appreciate it.

Aquarius has a sarcastic sense of humor which is difficult for anyone to actually understand. When they crack jokes many people are left red-faced because their bluntness is tough for others to handle.

In order to get into the circle of an Aquarian, you have to try a bit too hard. That is because they generally do not prefer fake people. They choose quality over quantity and hence their circle of friends is limited to a few good people only.

The water bearer can be pretty emotional at times but they choose to not show it to others. In spite of their emotions running high, no one would ever get to know what is going on. That is probably their trick to stay different from others. Aquarius is ambitious and that shows in the way they carry themselves. It is fun being with the Aquarius but only till the time that you do not tread on their wrong side. Hopefully, you would not do because that would damage your relationship badly.


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