Maybe you have just met a very special person and he/she happens to be from the most misunderstood sun sign i.e. the Capricorn. Now the next you would be curious to know whether he is the correct partner for you. Stubborn and control freaks Capricorn are often considered as different from the rest and here we bring to you some secret traits why that is so.

Capricorn does not know how to let go of things. Even if the person, place or thing was damaging them beyond description its loss is going to keep troubling the Capricorn for a very long time.

This sun- sign is considered to be one of the most loyal people and hence the best of friends too have. If they love someone they can go to any extent to save the person from being hurt in any manner.

The fear that everyone is keeping an eye on them makes the Capricorns insecure at times. They are in a constant impression that they are being judged and that harms their thinking too.

Mostly a person born under the Capricorn sun sign is shy and reserved. However, once you are able to enter his shell you realize what a fun loving and crazy person he can be.

A Capricorn is very stubborn and that is a known fact. They like to confront people and escalate fights too. Once they find something worth raising a voice for there is no chance that they would let go.

At times it is quite difficult for a Capricorn to understand the emotions that he is experiencing. Their feelingsgo haywire and that is when you realize the true nature of a Capricorn.

It would never be very easy to convince the Capricorn to work according to you. They know that their instinct is mostly right and so if you plan to offer your opinion about something chances are it would be completely ignored.

A Capricorn person cannot tolerate fake people and once they meet anyone in that category they do not take much time before cutting their ties with them. Worse is they will never go back and check on that person again which can be quite mean of them.

Finally, a Capricorn would over analyze and over think anything and everything under the sun. He is bound to plan and execute every simple thing and if you do not like that habit of his it does not matter. The Capricorn sun sign comprises of genuine people and if you have met one read all the points carefully before taking the plunge. Though he is going to be loyal and loving his emotional upheavals might be quite disturbing.


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