Cancer sun sign is supposed to be very caring and emotional at the same time. Even though some part of this is correct but there is more to them than just being extremely moody. Let us delve deep and find out some secrets of loving cancer which are hidden so far.

It is almost impossible to beat the intuition of a Cancer person. They know the true nature of someone just by one glance. In case you are trying to pretend as being someone you are not, trust them to find out the ploy.

Cancer does not believe in half- baked relationships. If they have fallen in love with someone they are going to love with all the passion possible. Trust them that they will offer you the moon if possible.

However, heartbreak is tough for a Cancer to heal from. They take many days and even years to come out from the pain of a failed relationship. This is their basic nature and they cannot help it.

When it comes to being generous no one beat a Cancerian. They would offer gifts to the people who are important in their life and they do not need any reason to do so. A Cancer person loves being kind and giving.

People born under this sign want all the love and affection possible. So, if you are in a relationship with a Cancer you should be prepared to shower them with all the love that you can give to them.

Not to forget that Cancer can be very moody and these swings are difficult to fathom. One moment they would be happy and gleeful and the next willsee them plunge into despair hence spoiling the mood of the whole situation.

Sometime you would see Cancer mulling over it's past and yearning for something that is not there. They would be so caught in the past that they can easily forget what their present situation is like.

Cancer can totally cut off from others if they are upset over something. It is just that they need their space and you will have to give it to them. If you try and invade their privacy at this moment you are going to regret it. The fiercely loving and caring Cancer is an absolutely lovely person. Especially when it comes to their love relationships they are particular about not hurting their partner. Considered to be very moody their swings can truly confuse others. Not disturbing them during that time seems the best thing to do then.

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