Do you want to know about your life through your Birth Chart or Horoscope but you do not have your correct birth time or date?

Most people know at what time they were born but there are some who do not know their correct birth time, it can make things confusing if one want to have one’s correct birth chart, but the good news isyou can know about your future without knowing your birth details, even birth date is not required. I amtalking about Naadi Astrology, Haven’t heard about it? Naadi astrologers only use your thumb’s impression to tell you everything about your past, Present and future. 

In Ancient time great sages like Bhrigu, Agastya and Vishvamitra ect. Have seen the conversation between Lord Shiva and Parvati devi while meditating, that conversation was about the people who were taking birth during time periods upon planet earth, sages had wrote it in Sanskrit language on palm leaves as commanded by Lord Shiva himself. These palm leaves is about the journey of souls rebirth–birth and next life.

Naadi astrology have many Methods one of them I have mentioned above which is called Mantra Naadi method done by using thumb impression. Naadi astrology also have some other methods like Dhurva Naadi,Chandra kala Naadi,Nandi Naadi and Brighu Naadi etc.

The first step in these Naadi methodologies is taking the thumb impression. For male the right hand thumb impression is taken and for female it is left hand. From types of thumb impression coded in  Naadi granthas the impression of the person matched with the batch of Naadi bundle related to the life readings. Once the right leaf is found then you will get to know about different sections of your life related to past, present and future