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This (counting any adjustment/modification/change/cancellation in this Agreement now and again by Astroown.com) is a Contract among you and Astroown.com

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You express that the very reality that you are visiting/have visited the Astroown.com is a finished unfit acknowledgment of yours identifying with different terms and conditions itemized in the site as additionally in the disclaimer area of this Agreement. You completely announce and embrace with a sound personality with no undue power, weight, impact or pressure on you, that you will be completely bound by the terms of the site as likewise by the terms of the disclaimer. You further embrace that on the off chance that any question emerges out of and identifying with the non-exhibitions of any commitments as a guest of this Astroown.com site or as a searcher or querist of conclusion, counsel or consultancy from the administrations of the Astroown.com site or because of non-installment of any duty in regard of the administrations rendered under this Agreement then the restrictive locale to document claims against you, being the guest or querist, will be in the courtsat Gurugram as it were.


Enrollment to the Site is void where disallowed. For utilizing this site you should be qualified to go into contract according to the appropriate laws of India and nation of your living arrangement. Your utilization of this Astroown.com speaks to and warrants that you have the right, expert, and ability to go into this Agreement and to comply with the majority of the terms and states of this Agreement. You consent to advise Astroown.com your ensuing handicap to go into any agreement. Consequent handicap will qualifies Astroown.com for limit/change/end this understanding at its own tact.

This Agreement will stay in full power and impact while you utilize the Site as well as are a Member of Astroown.com. You may end your enrollment whenever, under any circumstances by illuminating Astroown.com recorded as a hard copy to end your Membership. In the occasion you end your participation, you won't be qualified for a discount of any unutilized membership charges or access to computerized substance or reports acquired through Astroown.com. Astroown.com may end your entrance to the Site as well as your enrollment in any way, shape or form which will be compelling after sending notification of end to you at the email address you give in your application to participation or such other email address as you may later give to Astroown.com. In the event that Astroown.com ends your enrollment due to your rupturing the Agreement, you won't be qualified for any discount of any unused Subscription expenses or access to computerized substance or reports bought by you. Indeed, even after this Agreement is ended, certain arrangements will stay as a result including segments 5-12, comprehensive, of this Agreement.

Astroown.com maintains its authority to change the Service or erase highlights whenever and in any way, shape or form and to drop or suspend your Service whenever. Such crossing out or suspension might be without cause as well as without notice. If there should arise an occurrence of administration crossing out, your entitlement to utilize the Service stops immediately. When the Service is dropped or suspended, any information you may have put away on the Service may not be recovered later. In the event that we drop the Service completely without cause, we will discount to you, on an expert rata premise the measure of your installment comparing to the part of your Service staying directly before such scratch-off. You comprehend that Asroown.com may whenever, at its sole attentiveness and without earlier notice to you, preclude or limit your entrance to the utilization of the site or related administrations. Non-Commercial Use by Members The Astroown.com Site is for the individual utilization of individual individuals just, and may not be utilized regarding any business attempts except if enlisted and affirmed as an 'Offshoot' of the Site. This incorporates giving connects to different sites, regardless of whether considered aggressive to Astroown.com or something else. Illicit as well as unapproved employments of the Site, including unapproved surrounding of or connecting to the Site will be explored, andproper legitimate move will be made, including without restriction, common, criminal, and injunctive review.
Astroown.com will be qualified for recuperate from you, your successors, beneficiaries, doles out and so forth any benefit, income, advantage and so forth which you have increased got, expected or going to get with punishment @ half of such benefit/income/advantage by unapproved utilization of this site.

Different Terms of Use by Members

You may not participate in publicizing to, or requesting of, different Members to purchase or move any items or administrations through the Service except if acknowledged as an Expert or as an Authorized Vendor by the Site. You won't transmit any networking letters or garbage email to other Astroown.com Members. Astroown.com maintains all authority to screen messages that you may send to Experts.You may not utilize any robotized forms, including IRC Bots, EXE's, CGI or some other projects/contents to see content on or impart/contact/react/collaborate with Astroown.com and additionally its Members.

Content Posted on the Site

Astroown.com possesses and holds every restrictive right, including without constraint, all licensed innovation rights in the Astroown.com Site and the Astroown.com Service. The Site contains the copyrighted material, trademarks, and other restrictive data of Astroown.com, and its licensors. With the exception of that data which is in general society space or for which you have been given express consent by Astroown.com, you may not duplicate, change, distribute, transmit, convey, perform, show, or move any such restrictive data. All legal, legitimate and non-offensive messages (in the sole caution of Astroown.com), content or potentially other data, substance or material that you post on the gathering sheets will turn into the property of Astroown.com. Astroown.com maintains whatever authority is needed to examine all such data, content as well as material posted on the discussion sheets and will have the restrictive directly to evacuate, alter and additionally show such data, material or potentially content. You should utilize the Astroown.com Service in a way reliable with all relevant nearby, state, government laws and directions.